Sunday, August 11, 2013

I know that I am new to this and honestly I still have no idea what I am doing so I hope this is a "blog" in a matter of speaking and not just some random online writing. I would like to have more views then I do but figuring that it hasn't even been and entire day since I posted last I figure I should just be patient. I guess I really just made this blog to tell my story. How I want it told with more details and in put from all of my soon to be readers hopefully. I guess I should tell a little about myself and my interests.
I am 16 and have two brothers one is older and the other is younger so I am the middle child. So I have what is called the middle child curse. What it is, is basically like you can't surprise your parents because the elder sibling has already done that and you can't get away with anything because you are old enough to know better. You also get the least amount of attention out of all three siblings. The parents baby the youngest well because they are the baby and they worry like crazy and freak over the oldest because they are out in the world and setting the example and trying to find their way etc. So the middle child just sits there stuck. They can't do anything to really truly surprise their parents and they can't make mistakes because they should no better, they can't get everything they want because the parents spend all their money babying the youngest and helping out the eldest. But being the middle child isn't all bad. Being the middle child helps you be invisible because the parents don't really pay attention to you unless you get in trouble. So as being a middle child you can slip out really easily and go do your own thing without being bothered every five minutes which is nice sometimes. The hardest parts are when you don't get as much thought put into the gifts you get or you don't get a party because they have to save for the youngest or eldest party. You get the least amount of time with your parents as a middle child less consideration and less time in their thoughts. As soon as a middle child does something truly amazing it is forgotten because one of your siblings did something interesting. Not even amazing. Just interesting. 

Wow I can not believe I just wrote that much about being a middle child maybe I should do a school paper called the "Middle Child's Curse"